Having spent over 40 years bringing world class service to those in need of transporting their goods, however small or large, Banks & Lloyd Shipping Ltd has built a strong, sturdy foundation of invaluable knowledge and experience. Having seen all the changes in the world of freight through the 80’s and 90’s, and through the turn of the century into the Noughties and seemingly un-nickname-able 2010’s, we are now on the cusp of entering an easier to name decade, the 20’s. With so many milestones reached a celebration of Banks & Lloyd was much deserved, and building upon the excellent foundations already set, the evolution of Banks & Lloyd had begun. Holding a passion that cannot be contained, having an ambition without a ceiling and culturing a team that use creative means to make sure the job always gets done, what we had built is something we are incredibly proud of and needed to make sure that we reflected that outwards for all to see. As we move forward with great pride and reverence for the years behind us, we now look ahead to the next half century and path we will forge.

We are very excited to reintroduce you to the business we love….