In news that is almost impossible to ignore, despite how much we may want to, Brexit has yet again been delayed, moving from 31/10/19 to a possible 31/01/20. The new date stands only as a possibility as, much like the last extension we received, the UK has the option to leave the EU sooner if it is able to agree internally how it intends to move forward. The finish line does feel like it is nearing however, as for the first time in recent votes a Brexit Deal was agreed in parliament, it’s just a matter of time in running through and understanding it’s finer details.

What does this actually mean?

Well, the risk of a no-deal exit had been postponed, although not defeated. Despite all the methods that parliament has put in place to continuously make a no-deal Brexit unlikely, they cannot make it impossible. So, as we have been advising for months on end, keeping your business prepared for a no-deal Brexit is still a sensible position to take. Having said that, it does seem less and less likely that we will see a no-deal outcome, and as long as we remain in the EU with a government & parliament deliberating how we should leave, it’s business as usual for those that import and export to and from the EU.

What happens next?

This is up to the government, parliament & the EU. Boris Johnson’s deal will be put through it paces. Amendments may be asked to be made to the deal, for example a path to a customs union that keeps trade between the UK and the EU seamless may be put forward. There are suggestions of a general election happening before Christmas, which could radically change the conversation being had and the direction the then government would take on Brexit. But currently this all remains speculation and is something we intend to keep a very close eye on, and any important developments regarding our continuous trade relationship with the EU we will sure to report and advise upon accordingly.

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