African Art To Start It's Global Journey

When tasked with getting a colourful cast of creatures from Africa across to the UK, we jumped at the chance! Each sculpture, designed by Ark Collective and headed by Moses Ocheing, are brought to life through perfect craft and care, each being individually unique whether that be an adorable small and humble baby hippo or a majestic and towering life size giraffe!


A Safe Passage Over the Sea's

With varying shapes and sizes, careful planning is vital to ensure that every sculpture makes its journey to its desired destination with the artists vision retained exactly as it was envisioned. Our duty is to make sure that takes place, that the transport method is fit for purpose and these migrating beasts make a safe arrival.

Pangea Sculpture Elephant Loading


Arriving and Reaching for New Heights

Safely arriving on UK shores, the sculptures are now ready to make their temporary home in Pangea Sculpture’s showroom, to be shown off in all their glory. See for yourself!

Happy Client, Happy Animals, Happy Us.

“I love what I see, help me transport cargo!”