Following from our message recently regarding the UK Global Trade Tariff that is set to be implemented from 1st January 2021, we want to expand a bit further on ADD (Anti-Dumping Duty) and how the UK Global Trade Tariff impacts this.

What is ADD (Anti-Dumping Duty)?

ADD is a form of taxation placed on imports that pose a risk to local trade and economies. The EU currently has around 100 anti-dumping measures in place on imported products in over 25 countries.Their function is to “protect domestic industries against injury cause by unfair practices (imports of dumped or subsidised goods) or unforeseen surges in imports”. Currently these are put in place by the EU on behalf of the UK, but from 2021 onwards the onus will be upon the UK to implement, change and remove these itself. 

What’s Changing?

The GOV.UK portal provided details of which measures currently held by the EU will be continued with or terminated by the UK once the transition period ends. As an example, the ADD placed on Ceramic tiles coming from China (AD560) will be maintained, subject to ongoing reviews. If the UK does wish to implement any of it’s own new measures not currently listed in the link below, then it must establish its own trade remedy authority and AD regulation in accordance with WTO rules. A full list of all current measures and what the UK intends to do with them can be found within the following link

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