The stevedores in Bilbao has called for multiple days of strike action during the month of October. Workers in the port cargo handling services are to stop performing their activities between the 9th and 25th October. There are talks of the strikes to be extended further until the 9th of November or even until Christmas. The strikes have so far caused a disruption to most of the services sailing out of Bilbao port with vessel sailings being diverted or all together cancelled. A backlog of containers has become critical and shipping lines are working very hard so to alleviate the pressure and bring service to some level of normality. Banks & Lloyd are following the situation very closely and there will be further updates published on our Banks & Lloyd Blog. In the meantime, alternative sailing options are being offered by our Teams so to ensure a flow of supply chain continues uninterrupted.


A short-term strike of The Transport Union belonging to Cobas was announced in some of the Northern regions of Italy, beginning tomorrow, 23rd of October at 18:00 and lasting through to Saturday, 24th of October 18:00. This may lead so some delays in deliveries and collections made in Italy during those days.

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