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Chancellor Savid Javid has announced that an extra £2.1 Billion will be made available for preparations for a no- deal Brexit, part of which will go towards border and customs operations. With a very real potential of the UK departing from the EU with no-deal on 31/10/19, the hope is this extra cash injection will increase the UK’s readiness for such an outcome.

In total the Treasury has now made available £6.3 billion to prepare for the EU exit, including £4.2 billion funding this financial year alone.

Key points mentioned –

  • Doubling the support made available for customs agents to train new staff or invest in better IT so businesses can get the support they need to complete customs declarations.

  • Improving transport infrastructure around ports and additional funding for ‘Operation Brock’ to manage traffic disruption in Kent.

If you would like to read the full HMRC article, follow the link below

Chancellor announces billions to turbo-charge no deal preparations

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