You’re an importer and currently getting your goods from the EU, the EU being a vital part in your supply chain. I would imagine that you would want to keep that supply chain running smoothly as possible following a no-deal Brexit scenario? Who wouldn’t?

Now, whether a no-deal Brexit is set to take place is anyone’s guess. The general consensus is swinging back and forth from being an almost certainty to 100% never going to happen. Having said that, as the current government’s position, however hotly debated in parliament it is, is that we will leave on the 31/10/19 deal or no deal, that’s exactly what we should be preparing for. That’s why you should strongly considering applying for TSP. It’s free and it’s roughly 4 pages of a fairly simple form.

So why would you consider applying for TSP? what are the benefits?

TSP was set out as a means to give importers some breathing space and adjustment time in the event of a no-deal, where fundamental changes will be made with the way we continue to deal with imports from the EU. It will simplify customs, in that for a period of time any goods coming from EU countries will pass through without friction, you only need to have your EORI number. Not only that, it will also allow you to defer any duties to pay until the 30th March 2020, and then the 4th working day of the following month thereafter. This part requires a supplementary declaration (something we can manage for you) and a deferment account.

So now you know why to apply for TSP, let us tell you what you need to apply for TSP.

You Need:

  • An EORI number – we have previously touched upon this as being the single most important thing to get done and out of the way to continue importing from the EU. If you’ve not done this yet, stop reading this, follow this link to learn why it’s important and get registered!
  • Be established in the UK
  • Be an importer – As much as we would want to take all the heavy lifting upon our own shoulders, this is something that we, as either a Freight Forwarder or Customs Broker, will not be able to do for you. You need to be the actual importer to apply for TSP, so click the button below and get registered.

You will also need to make a record of the below in your commercial records before the goods cross the border and arrive in the UK. This is something we can assist you with.

  • your unique reference number for the consignment
  • a description of the goods and the commodity code
  • the quantity you’ve imported
  • purchase and (if available) sales invoice numbers
  • the customs value
  • delivery details
  • supplier emails
  • serial numbers of any certificates or licenses

Once across the border and in the UK, the commercial record just needs to be updated with an approximate time of arrival.

Outside of actually applying for TSP though, which for all accounts is a quick and straightforward process, we can assist you in every other manner of importing those goods from the EU into the UK post Brexit. Where the importing becomes a hard to navigate minefield, be it arranging the freight, sorting out the customs clearance and customs deferments (plus arranging the supplementary documents to go with them), we can take the headache away from all of that for you.

If you need to talk through anything regarding the above, or anything else freight related, simply get in touch using either the form below.

Would you like our help with anything mentioned in the above, or anything else freight, import, export or supply chain logistics related? Then pop in a few details below!